• Bill Kernodle

The Rhythm of Nature

A Covey of Quail

If everyone knew what I know, I would see many more people on my daily walks through the forest. I see all of the houses which surround me and I marvel that I see not one person that has ventured beyond their concrete driveway to commune with the rhythm of nature.

The transformation of my mood and sense of well-being is so instant as to defy description. I can walk only down the first part of the trail or the path leading to the trail and inhale the fresh fragrance of nature’s own perfume. The sunlight is tentatively peeking through the canopy and few birds are stirring. It is cool but the sun is out and there Is practically no breeze. I shed several layers as I warm up on the trail and the sun becomes more into view.

On some days I may see some small moment in nature that is instructive and also awe inspiring.

Today, as I have seen once in the past, I saw a group of California quail browsing on the trail thirty yards ahead of me. They saw me, so I just froze and let them feed. I stood for 10 minutes or so to watch them each in turn come slowly out across the trail and briefly in the open and continue on to the other side of the trail, safely in the cover. Four little ones passed before what was I assumed was the mother or father, came quickly from behind to usher everyone into the safety of the bush.

It is these moments in time that I remember most and stick with me. The last time I witnessed this was much the same only the brood was larger by another four little ones and the parents were perched in a nearby bush keeping watch. Again, I stopped and allowed them to be comfortable so I could observe. Such a beautiful, endless moment that occurs every year for them. Nature is so wonderful in her cycles of life.

As I sit on the side of a hill and let the sun warm my face, I am urged to abide by the rhythm of nature. It is not as you or I are accustomed to. It is patient and intentional. It is forever. Listen to the rhythm.

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