• Bill Kernodle

LinkedIn Catapults Writer to Success

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Bill was a new copywriter. Only recently “hanging out his shingle”, as it were, in the cold, cruel world, or so it seemed to him. He knew he could make it as a writer. He had some problems; he had no past copy writing experience to show and no knowledge of how to market himself.

Bill was an introvert and although he had always had a job, he never had to sell himself. He never had to rely on marketing or advertising to make a living. Now it was all up to him and it was overwhelming.

Bill got himself a website and started taking training courses in writing. Sometimes he felt good about his progress. Other days he would feel equally as bad about his lack of progress.

There was so much to learn; marketing, advertising, voice, pitching and direct mail.

Then Bill started to focus on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a place for business people to connect with other business people, a place to make connections and even friends. He learned how to narrow his focus and how to navigate the platform. He learned how to connect with other business people in the industry that could help him.

Bill began to make some contacts and work on his profile. The fog began to lift from the cloud of uncertainty surrounding the business world. Still, Bill had not made any progress toward landing any freelance work. He had not established himself in the business world.

Gradually a few new LinkedIn contacts agreed to have a phone conversation without his prompting. One even reviewed his copy with an accompanying video on his own time without seeking pay. Bill was astonished. People can be friendly and giving sometimes. They went out of their way to help when they had no reason to do so. Bill had high hopes now.

Over time, one business that found Bill on LinkedIn decided to give him a chance. He was trained to write Case Studies and they needed one, so why not give him a shot? He seemed credible and was well spoken, personable and polite. They had no copywriter in-house trained in Case Studies so the time was right.

This was the break Bill had been waiting for. Bill poured his heart and soul into that first job. So much so that the client recommended him to another client for another job. Bill kept putting out his best effort with every job he got. Soon he was well established and even turning down projects.

Bill is now living the life he had envisioned so long ago. Thanks to LinkedIn and the kindness of friends, strangers and connections.


You have just read a mini case study.

The client was LinkedIn and the happy customer searching for a solution was our intrepid copywriter. Case Studies are a useful tool to let your customer tell your story in their own way. Invest in a case study today. You will not be sorry.

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