• Bill Kernodle

Leverage Your Customer

Surveys suggest as many as 9 out of 10 people consult reviews before buying. Testimonials and case studies are also considered before buying a product. In online shopping, testimonials have become commonplace. Reviews carry as much weight or more as the sales copy itself.

Customers have become used to reading the reviews of products online. They research how others users feel about the product they intend to buy. From a toaster to a new software or service, opinions are important to the new buyer.

If a customer is unsure of a product and it has several hundred five-star reviews, then they are more likely to buy. On the contrary if they find hundreds of 2-star reviews with accompanying negative comments... you guessed it; they are moving on.

In the business to business space the process is a little different but the results are similar. A story is told about a now-happy customer who had a problem and solved it with a company’s product or service.

Case studies tell a story of how a customer solved their problem through the client’s service or product. It is important that the case study customer be like the prospect you are targeting. Your company may have a need for several case studies. Each study may feature different products within the same brand. Case studies may pertain to only one solution or product within a brand as a whole.

The most effective case study has a measurable result. A statistic may quote that “the conversion rate increased by x % or sales increased by x number of dollars." The human element of satisfaction with a product or service is effective, but measurable results are the gold standard.

Case studies are an effective tool. They should be an important part of your marketing strategy. If you have a happy customer, consider asking them to share their opinion via the use of a case study. You will find the small investment is worth the time.

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