• Bill Kernodle

I Thought I Could Do It...

So, I am not the most tech savvy person but I am not necessarily un-savvy, as it were. Never the less I had quite a time trying to build my own website.

I had some experience from years ago but the sites were very boring looking. That was ten? years ago. The design and ease of use has come a long way since then, I can tell you.

I watched a few loooong videos on YouTube about building with WordPress, Elementor and the Astra theme which were very helpful and I decided to try it. Convinced, of course that I could do it. Shout out to those that did the videos on YouTube, they did a fantastic job and I do appreciate it, but…

After many long hours at my computer, (around 30; wow) trying to follow directions, getting stuck and having to hire someone from Fiverr to unstick me, I decided to see if there was another way. I cannot justify the time when I could better spend it on writing or doing something else more productive. I was not building a commerce site with shopping carts and so forth after all.

I was aware of Squarespace, Wix and Duda but at first, I thought they were too bland. I went for another look to see if they might have what I needed. All I needed was a simple site that was easy to get going and looked professional. They all do that to varying degrees.

I went with “Wix” and I am glad I did. I got my site up and running in no time. It is easy to edit, easy to upload, they do the hosting, it was not too expensive for the “pro” version which deletes the ads and I am so happy I tried it.

This is not an affiliate promotion for Wix, although I will probably do that, it is just to say to all of you who are looking for something simple and easy. Try Wix, it is definitely worth it.

You can go to see what I have done if you choose to. They have many templates to choose from and you do not have to stress about the whole WordPress thing.

Lesson learned. I do enjoy learning about WordPress and I am sure I will go back for another go at it, but for now I am glad to share what I have learned with you.


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