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Hot Pockets are Killing Grandma in the Kitchen

Modern convenience is ruining old-world quality

What Can You do?

Dear Friend,

Time is of the essence! I know how much you like to spend an evening lingering over a glass of Amaretto after having a wonderful experience at table.

I had to write and tell you about a place I need to take you to right away. You see, Giuseppe’s Nonna in Cucina may not be around much longer. The name means Grandmother in the Kitchen and could not be more appropriately named. For many years she was literally in the kitchen and her spirit lives on in the atmosphere that surrounds her many patrons, past and present.

For three generations Giuseppe and Grandma Francesca have put only the freshest tomatoes, picked by hand each day on their table. The bread is baked fresh in the old-style brick oven on the premises. Heck, the smell of the bread baking is wafting over me now as I write. I can hardly contain my excitement.

From the bread left over, (if there is any) they make their own croutons. The recipes have been closely guarded through these three generations and are unparalleled in perfection. The olive oil is the finest as Grandma and Giuseppe know personally which estate has the best olives in Tuscany.

The Doors may be Closed Forever if we wait too long!

After three generations and the overwhelming deterioration of the American palate, the competition from fast food pizza and frozen concoctions, Giuseppe’s Nonna in Cucina may be closing its doors soon. The father passed the restaurant to the son, the son to his sons, two of which have moved away, leaving only Giuseppe the third to shoulder the burden alone. It has become very difficult for him to compete now and still keep up the high standards they have always maintained.

Time is of the essence. Let us not wait any longer.

You can still see Uncle Arnaldo playing his accordion in the corner. He plays a little more unsteadily now, but he will touch your heart nevertheless.

Oh, I forgot to mention the handmade meatballs that I get every time I go there. I know there are other items on the menu, but I can’t help myself, it is too good for words.

Thousands of pictures of happy customers from days gone by adorn the walls on every side. Let us add our picture and remember the fine time we will have.

After dinner you can have the best Tiramisu’ you can possibly imagine and the glass of Amaretto to settle your meal.

Then on the way out, when Giuseppe is calling “Buona Sera! Arrivederci!” You will wonder why you never went before and hope you may return again soon.

Off to Dreamland We Go

After drifting into your dreams at night and waking in the soft morning light you will wonder; was it a dream? Is that Grandma Francesca calling you to breakfast?

I will pick you up at seven. Don’t be late.

Cordially yours, your friend and fellow connoisseur, William

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