• Bill Kernodle

FEAR What is it and how can you combat it?

What am I afraid of? It seems as if every time I am doing something new or something that stretches my abilities or faith, the old spectre of fear raises its ugly head.

The fear of not being successful at life or something in particular. The fear of harm or failure; there are so many ways to experience fear.

It has been said that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. I try to remember that when it shows up. What am I worried about? I am a natural worrier so I have often encountered this situation. But the older and hopefully wiser I get, the more I realize that I usually worry about nothing and the fear is unfounded, untrue and not relevant.

I often worry about something way ahead of time and drive myself nuts thinking about all the ways it can and probably will go wrong. The event comes and goes and more often than not, the fear was unfounded and I had nothing to worry about. I waste all of my time with a negative emotion when I could have been using my affirmations of positivity. What a waste.

It has taken me many years to realize when I am doing this and that it is almost always an exercise in futility. I say most of the time because sometimes fear is a motivator to be careful. If you are in a dangerous situation where you might be hurt or others are in that situation and you need some wisdom to act and prepare in the proper way to avoid injury. Then it could be said that fear of what may happen is a motivator to be prepared for it and do your best to avoid it.

I have fear of what will people say or think about me? What will happen if… So many ways that fear can be a stumbling block to my success. I am doing my best to knock it down when it comes up and replace it with faith that all will work out if I only do my best.

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