• Bill Kernodle

Can a Happy Customer Help my Business?

Case Studies

In my 40 years in customer service, I have learned a few things about people. I know how to make them happy and I can tell when they are not. Actually, when a customer is unhappy, they will tell you, in a most definite manner. If they are happy, they may not say anything! Sound funny? It is.

A disgruntled customer will tell ten of their friends and a happy one may not tell anyone. It is the nature of the business world and of people. You can change that situation with a proper Case Study.

When you have a happy customer, it is important to allow them to tell their story and share it with the world. If they are over the moon for you and your company and the service you have provided for them, that way is a Case Study. The customer had an issue or a problem, and you are the one who solved their problem. It is that simple.

It may sound simple but it is a complex story to weave and I am trained by the best in the business to tell that story for you.

A case study on your website is a fantastic way to promote your business. With someone else's words. The Case Study allows the customer to tell their story about how wonderful you are. What could be better?

Everyone these days reads the testimonials before they buy a product online. Happy customers and unhappy ones. Don't let the opportunity go to waste. Use the happy one!

Let us avoid making unhappy customers and cultivate more happy customers. Let’s do it!

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